Bedford Historical Society

1882 Wheeling & Lake Erie Train Depot

A 1920s passenger station is on display inside the historic depot. The depot is owned by the City of Bedford and the Society operates the passenger station exhibit to fulfill the qualifications of the restoration grant used to restore it. The station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 as a contributing structure within the Historic Business District.

Originally built by the Connotton Valley Railroad, the building had several owners including the Nickel Plate. The building is restored as it was during the Wheeling & Lake Erie years.

Significant Collections within the 1882 Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad Depot:

  • Restored 1920s era passenger station museum.
  • Railroad depot furniture;
  • Conductor’s uniform;
  • Manuals and train related objects.
  • Original station master’s desk and chair
  • Lanterns and switching equipment

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