Bedford Historical Society

Notes From the Director Spring 2018

Rungs from the
Director’s Chair
by Elmer Schulz

“Brick by brick, my fellow citizens, brick by brick.” I recently recalled this quote, not from a history book, but the film Seabiscuit. The fictionalized character of Red Pollard, played by Tobey Maguire, addresses his recovering mount with this heartening line. “I know. I know. I’m in a hurry too, Pops. But you know what Hadrian said about Rome, ‘Brick by brick, my citizens.’”
The quote is originally attributed to Emperor Hadrian, who allegedly said it while urging his people to rebuild Rome after a horrific fire, which did not take place during his rule, encouraging them to do so that it may stand the test of time. Brick by brick, to be sure.
During the winter months the staff and I labor in preparation for the coming season. Installation of new storage and exhibit space as well as restoration and preserva-tion activities are continuing. In addition, special event activities and program planning are under development.
Like Pollard and his horse, we are all in a hurry. Still, brick by brick is the inspiring call. New leadership brings new direction and new initiatives. To those witnessing these events there is a mixture of angst and anticipation. The steady placement of each brick builds hopefulness and the promise of an institution that will stand the test of time. Courage my friend, the best is yet to come.
Consider now your part in the work ahead, as we continue to grow the historical society. Become a member today, volunteer your time, make a financial contribution. Like Rome, we build brick by brick. And we need you!

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