Bedford Historical Society

Notes From the Director Winter 2018

Rungs from the Director’s Chair
by Elmer C Schulz

Once more unto the breech!…
A well-known coach was once asked, “How much does college football contribute to the national physical-fitness picture?” “Nothing,” the coach replied abruptly. “Why not?” the startled interviewer asked. “Well,” said the coach, “the way I see it, you have twenty-two men down on the field desperately needing a rest and 40,000 people in the stands desperately needing some exercise.”
A similar situation exists in many volunteer organizations… When you compare the members who merely attend events with those who actively execute, you often find… a small lineup of diligent individuals struggling “down on the field” while others in the group participate as spectators.
Each newsletter I try to rouse our audience to action. It is my intention to provide entertaining and educational programming for a full range of age levels and audiences for the Bedford community. However, to do that I need an involved, committed, and steadfast group of volunteers willing to step up and give some of their time. Otherwise our offerings to the public will be scanty at best.
But volunteering at a museum is more than a civic interest or sideline. According to Sarah Siddons there are benefits of being a museum volunteer. According to Ms. Siddons, “When it comes to finding a job, it’s all about who you know and what you can do. And a museum can be the perfect training ground for launching your career.
Working at a museum can help sharpen professional skills like working with the public, organizing programs, raising money and working with computers.
It’s not just about getting out of the house and finding something to do. Volunteering at a museum expands your network and puts you in contact with patrons, fellow volunteers and community administrators. If you’re looking for regular employment beyond your volunteer work, this could lead you to the next big thing.
Job searching aside, studies have shown that volunteering leads to greater life satisfaction, lower rates of depression and better mental and physical health.”
But it’s not just about you. Volunteerism benefits the community. Volunteering enables people to play an active role in their neighborhoods and contribute to positive social change.
We hope that’s enough to entice you or someone you know to start volunteering today. Very soon we hope to have a venue to put on a variety of programming for all ages. But we cannot develop and carry out these events without you. Consider joining our Volunteer Corp today. We offer a friendly and flexible work environment. For more informa-tion call 440-232-0796.

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