Bedford Historical Society

Bedford Historical Society & Museum presents: Soupcon! A Washington Birthday

Google defines “soupcon” as a very small amount; a hint; a trace; a slight idea: or inkling. With that in mind, we invite you to join us for just a touch of something special, but not too much, just enough …an appreciable mite of nourishment, enjoyment, fellowship, and illumination.

Although the BHS&M event staff and volunteers are still busy planning these events for the coming year, Soupcon will serve up a light seasonal repast with some cheerful entertainment. Each Soupcon will offer something different. For instance in February we hope to offer up Stone soup with some militia from Fort Laurens in attendance; a jot of Irish stew and music for March; a touch of brown or yellow mustard and hot dogs to kickoff Elmer Flick Day and the “Boys of Summer” in April; and finally a special mother-daughter-granddaughter spring fete with Heather Rhoades and a tinge of Wedding soup.

The cost, unless otherwise posted, is $12 per person or $20 for two at the door. These mini-fundraisers help support the society and it’s ongoing mission to educate and preserve Bedford Township history. Soupcon, unless otherwise posted, are scheduled for the third Friday of each month during February, March, April, and May and will be held at the Old Church on the Commons Lower Community Hall beginning at 7:00 PM

Have an idea for an event? This is a great way to get involved. The BHS&M are always looking for event planners and party throwers. Contact Louise Novak ( or call 216-870-3999 to discuss volunteer opportunities.