The Finney Company manufactured antennas for television, radio and ham operators. Started in 1950, the company was also known as FinCo. The Finney Antenna Company was founded by Lewis H. Finneburgh. He was joined by his brother Morris Finneburgh, Jr. inaddition, in 1953 by Morris Finneburgh Sr. who retired from Liquid Carbonic Corporation.

The company became world known for being “manufacturers of the world’s most individualized, specialized-always respectful of detail — antenna, components, accessories and MATV equipment”

Morris Sr. was a dynamic entrepreneur. He was honored by the electronics industry and inducted into the Electronics Hall of Fame. According to a document in the archives, Morris Finneburgh was a third generation Texan raised in San Francisco. He had several sucessful business endevors including the Finney Shirt Factory, The Dallas Health Institute and a partnership with Conrad Hilton in the Circle Theater. He ran a direct mail advertising company and led Liquid Carbonic Corporation to success.

The Finnney Antenna Company grew in Bedford throughout the 50s and 60s. In the early 1960’s, the company broke ground for a 25,000 square foot addition at their 24 W. Interstate plant. According to a newspaper article, the “ultra modern addition” would be the world’s largest single plant operation devoted to the exclusive production of specialized TV-FM antennas. The addition would house large rolling mill equipment, high-speed punch presses, new type aluminum wire straighteners, and an expansive increase in the company’s research and development laboratory facilities.

The FinCo company operated a national fleet of mobile research units.

According to an interview with L. H. Finneburgh, “FinCo designs, engineers and produces the complete antenna from raw strip roll stock, even makes it’s own mold forms, and now features app. 1,000 different antenna models.”

In the early 1960’s, the company employed 200-300 people. In 1982 it formed a partnership with a firm in the Netherlands. In 1985 the company was sold completely to that firm. FinCo antenna parts are not manufactured but used parts are highly valued by ham operators and FM buffs. parts are regularly sold on the internet.

Personel: Charlotte Roehm, credit manager; Thomas Corpus, regional manager; Victor Trebules, plant manager; Chester Bazydlo, general foreman.

J. Caldwell/ Bedford Historical Society 2005
Sources: Finney Co. MS, BHS archives

FinCo US Patent numbers include: 2444189, 2726390, 2832957, 2837742, 2893004, 2941206, 2963125, 3427659

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