The Bedford Historical Society & Museum welcomes all visitors to its four historic properties. We recognize that visitors have diverse needs and try to offer accessible programming to enable all visitors to explore and enjoy our places. However, accessibility for guests with limited mobility can be challenging at our historic sites due to their physical and natural features. With advance notice, we will make every effort to respond to visitors’ access needs.

Vision Accommodations

Lighting in the museum may be dim in some areas due to the historic nature of the artifacts

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome, but must be on a leash or harness at all times. 

Mobility Accommodations

The Town Hall 

  • An elevator has been installed at the rear of the building. A small lobby at ground level allows access to the building.
  • Specially marked parking spaces are immediately outside of this entrance.
  • The parking lot can be reached off of Broadway ( State Rt 14), turn west into the drive behind the Old Church on the Square.
  • Additional special parking is available on Broadway and at the Train Depots. Sidewalks from this area will lead to the new building addition.
  • Visitors are asked to stop at the main floor to conduct business, research or read in our reference library.
  • Other floors are accessible by elevator; all visitors must be accompanied by a docent to other areas of the building.
  • Accessible restrooms are available on the first and second floors.

Hezekiah Dunham House

  • Only the first floor is wheelchair accessible
  • Parking is on the street, and there are no handicapped parking spaces. Visitors with limited mobility may park adjacent to the driveway nearest the Dunham House on Broadway Avenue in front of the landmark house for closer access to the home’s entrance. There are seven steps up to the main entrance. The first floor can be accessed by a steep driveway and a ramp behind the house for special tours and programs. Exhibit spaces on the second floor are only accessible by stairs. There are 20 stairs to the second floor. An informational binder and seating are provided for those who cannot see the upstairs section of the tour in the Town Hall Museum.
  • Access around the Dunham House and the Sedlon Garden is over concrete walkways and uneven grass. Walkways and footpaths may be uneven.

NOTE: Thresholds between some rooms are slightly raised. There are some 20 steps to the second floor. 

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad

  • The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad is Wheelchair accessible.
  • Parking is in the city lot behind the Railroad Depot. There is one large step up with no railing to access the rear entrance of the Railroad Depot from the city lot. The Depot is wheelchair accessible by a ramp along the forward-facing platform of the station. The Depot has exterior public restrooms and drinking water off the city lot and along the side of the station.
  • Access around the buildings is over asphalt drives, concrete walkways, wood decking, railroad tracks and ties, and uneven grass. Walkways and decking may be uneven.

Old Church on the commons & Community Hall

  • The Old Church & Community Hall are not Wheelchair Accessible.
  • Visitor parking is limited. Additional parking is available on the street or in the city lot behind the Railroad Depot. Visitors with limited mobility may park in the small lot situated between the Old Church on the Commons and the Town Hall Museum for closer access to the church’s entrance. The lot is easily reached by a narrow driveway off Broadway Avenue between the Old Church on the Commons and the Gates-Handyside House. Two handicapped parking spaces are located next to the Town Hall Museum.
  • There are eleven steps up to the sanctuary and narthex of the Old Church and seven steps down to the lower level known as Community Hall. There are no restrooms or drinking water in the Old Church. Both the Community Hall and Town Hall Museum have wheelchair accessible restrooms, but only the museum is wheelchair accessible through the elevator adjacent to the main parking lot. Access around the grounds, buildings, and memorial garden is over gravel drives, concrete and slate walkways brick footpaths, and uneven grass. Walkways and footpaths may be uneven.

The Bedford Historical Society looks forward to accommodating all visitors. Custom tours are available for preschoolers through adult. There is no charge to enjoy the 1874 Town Hall museum or utilize its facilities for research. Donations are always welcome. If you have additional questions about accessibility or other needs, please contact the Bedford Historical Society at or 440-232-0796.


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