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What puts the ‘home’ in ‘hometown’ historical society? That’s an easy one, it’s the people. And it's people who keep the Bedford Historical Society thriving. People who live right here in Bedford, and those who join us from far away. Membership is open to anyone with questions to ask, stories to tell, and an interest in learning our history.

Our history defines us. Our history unites us. Our communities are a good place to call home.

Membership Levels

Individual Annual Membership - $10.00

Family Annual Membership - $20.00

Contributing Annual Membership - $25.00

Junior Annual Membership - $5.00

Lifetime, per person - $150.00

Business, Corporate, and Institutional Levels:  

Bronze - $100.00

Silver - $250.00

Gold - $500.00

Platinum - $1,000.00

Titanium - $5,000.00

Diamond - $10,000

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