The Best Foundry Co. was located in the industrial area near the McMyler Interstate plant. The buildings, measuring 182 feet wide and 810 feet long, were on the west side of the railroad tracks, south and west of McMyler Interstate.

Harry M. Molder became superintendent of the Best Foundry in 1905. Manufacturing began in 1906 and continued until 1928. The gray iron castings which were produced by Best Foundry earned wide recognition for the company. Employment reached 600 workers during the company’s relatively short span of 22 years.

The 1910 publication “Beautiful Busy Bedford” stated that the Best Foundry plant was the largest foundry of it’s kind in the world. The company was already producing castings for many of the largest stove factories of the world and had achieved “a marvelous success”.

For several years after its closing the buildings waited for a possible purchaser. However, with none coming, the buildings finally were razed.

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