The Marble & Shattuck Company, Bedford Ohio name was used from 1885 to 1894. A fire destroyed the plant and all of its finished stock one year after forming. Mr. Shattuck withdrew his support after this loss and outside interests gained control of the company. Mr. Marble stayed with the company and directed its manufacturing operations until 1895. Another fire in April 1897 is mentioned. The New Register April 8, 1897 issue has a front-page article “A Midnight Blaze” talking about this fire. The paper said it was the work of arsonists and threw 40 men out of work. Despite the seriousness of the fire, the news article ends with “Mr. Charles Klinger was absent on a fishing trip to Castalia when the factory burned. His enforced return was undoubtedly a decided relief to the trout in that locality.”

Mr. Marble left the company, purchased a small plant and continued to manufacture furniture under the name of the B. L. Marble Chair Company. Mr. Shattuck joined him in this endeavor. The B. L. Marble Chair Company gained a national reputation for quality chairs.

About 1901, the Marble & Shattuck Company moved to a new facility in Cleveland. This would be without the benefit of either Marble or Shattuck. According to octagenian, Ned Hubbell in his 1971 book ‘Life in Bedford’ (p114): ” in 1885 the firm “Marble & Shattuck” started up and established a good reputation with a profitable business until fire wiped out their plant here when they reorganized and transferred to Glenville, Ohio, taking thirty families with them. At that time this was the most pretentious concern engaged in the business except for the Taylor Chair Company.”

Marble & Shattuck Co is listed in Cleveland phone directories to 1938. It is not listed in the 1940 directory. It was still a member of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce in 1946.

The plant was located at 10200 Foster Ave. Cleveland 3, OH. According to the Plain Dealer, it closed when the Memorial Freeway cut through the property. A July 26, 1950 article mentions that the company was bankrupt. Parts for Marble & Shattuck furniture could be obtained from Wagner Hensy & Fisher Co. at 1852 Euclid Ave. A Mr. Humphrey was able to obtain parts in 1961.

J. Caldwell/ Bedford Historical Society 04/ 05-3

Sources: BHS archives, GRPL, CPL

*company was incorporated 1896

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